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Message From the Middle School Principal...


Message From the Middle School Principal...

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September 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to the start of a new school year. The start of school year is always an exciting time of year for our teachers and students. Memorial Middle School continues its commitment to provide an outstanding educational program for all of its students. We are dedicated to providing every child with diverse opportunities for personal growth and success through a dynamic school experience. With this in mind, your child/children will encounter a wide variety of learning experiences and exploration of new ideas throughout the school year. Our focus will be to maximize the potential of all students and to further develop their minds and talents.

We have made upgrades to our curriculum and to our facility to enhance learning and to ensure a safe learning environment. We are also very excited about hiring an additional Spanish Teacher, Mrs. Castano. This will allow us to increase the number of periods middle school students get Spanish each week to better prepare them for high school and the world. We are also very happy to have Art back in the Middle School. Ms. Murray is planning on doing some great activities in art this coming school year. We are very confident that with an increased focus on teacher professional development, along with upgrades to both the curriculum and technology, that our teachers will have the tools to provide quality instruction that will help students attain academic success. 

However, parent involvement continues to be the key component of student success. I encourage parents to support teachers by holding their children accountable for their work, and ask that they support their children with assignments and projects. I invite parents to get involved by volunteering in your child’s classroom, and getting involved in any other school activities.

We believe that all children can achieve success, with hard work, and the support of parents and teachers working together. I look forward to working with parents and teachers to provide all Memorial School students with an academic foundation for success, as a matter of fact, I expect it.

With the start of a new school year I feel it is important for me to share my vision, expectations, and goals for Memorial Middle School. I would like to be as clear as possible about what I believe.

I believe...

  • Education should be your child’s primary focus.
  • Administrators, teachers, and students should give 110%.
  • Communication is the key to any successful organization.
  • Teachers should engage every child in learning and every child should engage in learning.
  • True learning comes from quality instruction, high expectations, parent support, and challenging each and every student.
  • Classroom instruction should be protected from unnecessary distractions.
  • Parents are a school’s greatest resource for promoting and sustaining student learning.

I am passionate about these beliefs and I am unequivocally committed to pursuing them; but it will be impossible to achieve educational success without your help. Please stress the importance of learning with your children, which includes highlighting hard work, not being tardy, and not distracting the classroom environment. I also ask that you enhance learning by requiring students to dedicate time each day for reading at home, and by enforcing the completion of your child’s assignments. Our school accepts the challenge to advance every student, and we need your involvement in the learning process, to do so.


Mr. Robert Porfido


Memorial Middle School

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